To help get the most use from Trainzzz app we suggest the following

In our opinion the best way to use Trainzzz is with earphones/headphones to remain respectful to others and allow you to keep your phone volume on to benefit from the tone alerts. For this reason we have teamed up with www.houseofmarley.co.uk to offer Trainzzz users discounts on a number of their earphone/headphone products. Visit their website to find out more!

Using the App to the MAX!


  • Use headgear – earphones or headphones so you get the alert without notifying the whole train - we are proud to partner with www.houseofmarley.co.uk offering Trainzzz users a discount code via TIP's with in the app
  • Keep phone volume on with headgear to benefit from Vibrate and sound (subject to your phone settings)
  • Pick a distance from destination that gives you enough time to pack up, get ready or wake up
  • If using a new route for the first time try setting multiple alarm distances from your destination in case of GPS drop out
  • Regular destinations find the best GPS signals and use an alarm distance to match
  • Make sure you keep the app running in the background
  • Pre-set your alarm and any contacts ahead of time – regular ones can be stored


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